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Sold To Iowa Cash Offer Vs. Selling Through A Realtor

A competitive seller market like Iowa demands that you prudently consider your options while deciding how to sell your home. Selling a house goes beyond the price; you need to consider other factors. So, even though you may get better value for your house on the open market, it might not be suitable in the long run. We can’t choose on your behalf, but we can help you make the right decision. Below, we’ve outlined the pros and cons of selling to realtors vs. Iowa Cash Offer.

Selling Through An Agent

Sold to Iowa Cash Offer

Who pays the closing cost? Seller pays closing fee checkmarkNo closing charges
Commissions 6% commission paid by the seller. checkmarkNo commissions
Appraisal Required Sale hinged on appraisal checkmarkNo appraisal needed
Who markets the property Mailers, ads, property website, staging checkmarkNo marketing required
Who makes repairs? Negotiated. Seller handles repairs (mostly). checkmarkWe pay for all repairs.
Financial or inspection contingencies Sale can fail due to contingencies checkmarkNo contingencies. Guaranteed sale
Number of showings High traffic! Endless showings before sale checkmarkWe’ll examine the house once.
Closing date 30-45 days after buyer accepts offer checkmarkWhenever you want. It’s entirely up to you.
Average days till you sell Takes 30-120 days checkmark4-30 days

We Buy Homes In Every Condition Or Situation

Iowa Cash Offer is a reasonable option if your house has a clouded title, has terrible tenants, or needs repairs. Realtors may offer the best rates, but that applies to houses in excellent condition.

We promise to give you the highest possible offer, but of course, we can’t pay the local market value of the house. However, our deals have several benefits.

We’ll Make an Instant Offer, Finalize the Sale, And Get Cash In 7 Days.

If your property has been a constant cause of headaches, we’ll help you get rid of it. You can avoid paying the mortgage, insurance, taxes, and utility charges by selling your house quickly. Waiting 90 days to sell your car means paying the utility costs that accrue while processing the sale.

Do you want our no-obligation cash offer? Here’s how our procedure works. You can call us at 319-220-5500 or fill out the simple form Today.

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*Inspection Contingency:  The buyer can pull out the sale agreement if the house is in terrible condition.

* Financing Contingency: The buyer has an option to withdraw from a sale agreement if they can’t get the required funds. This happens when a house appraises higher than the offer price.

Iowa Cash Offer doesn’t obtain loans from banks to buy homes. Hence, the sale is guaranteed.