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Iowa Cash Offer- About Our Company

Selling your old house is easy with Iowa Cash Offer. Why? Because we turn impossible situations around by providing you with the most suitable solutions. If you are in a real estate dilemma, you could use an expert opinion. We’d offer you that without batting an eyelid.

Most of our clients need a quick sale. That’s precisely what we deliver. Rest assured that your urgent needs come first to us. The desire to help in every way possible is a priority to us. As a result, we buy houses across the United States. We’ll help you sort your pre foreclosure and foreclosure, problem tenants, bankruptcy, rundown house, and divorce. Need help with your property? Contact us now.

Meet Our Main Team Members (Owners)

matt buys houses

Matt Stark

Matt was born in Colorado. After a while, he moved to California, where he served in the Navy. Then, in early 2000, he relocated to the bay area to work and study. He bagged a marketing degree in 2006 and started his marketing agency in 2007. Matt Stark loves traveling with his wife, shooting pool, and golfing when he isn’t working.

Meet Elisa

Elisa Stark

Elisa came to California in 2010 to pursue her MBA at Golden Gate University. After graduating and working in San Francisco at a top solar company, she eventually met Matt and they married soon thereafter. She came into real estate at the same time as Matt and loves it very much. In her free time, Elisa loves traveling, baking and spending time with her family.

What Sets Us Apart

Our priority is to educate you on what’s best for you. So, if it makes more sense to sell on the open market, we’ll recommend a buyer. But if selling to us is your best bet, great! We’ll send you an honest all-cash offer immediately. The truth is, when we buy your house as is, we close quickly!

Iowa Cash Offer - Meet the team - We buy houses in Iowa

Our Commitment To Customers

Iowa Cash Offer is a cash buyer company that invests in real estate. We aim to buy houses as-is at a discount and flip them for profit. Making repairs is an essential part of our business. Hence, we have contractors for this purpose. 

Frankly, buying a house that needs rehabbing a home is a lot of risk. Yet we don’t try to undercut our competitors. Instead, we work with a formula that includes a maximum profit of 15%. We have created an ethical code that guides all our dealings. Consequently, you can expect the highest possible offer. No low ball offers here. 

Our Company Values

  • Integrity: We’ll be upfront. So, you can be certain our recommendation only includes what’s best for you.
  • Diligence: We are addicted to delivering the most excellent service always.
  • Our Communication: You’ll be up to speed with all our decisions or information. If anything changes, we’ll let you know. While you don’t have to do any grunt work, we’ll be accountable to you.

We anticipate challenges and try to stay one step ahead by resolving them ahead of time. Our team strives to keep our impeccable reputation by staying proactive and effective always. That way, we can conclude sales quickly without stressing you. Wherever we believe you need a realtor, we refer you to one. Of course, not all call leads to a business, but we want to help you regardless. 

Iowa Cash Offer would be delighted to go the extra mile to fix your problems. Call us at 319-220-5500 to see how we can help you now.