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Privacy Policy for Iowa Cash Offer

What kinds of information do we gather?

When you submit our web form or fill your details in our property form, we collect information about you. We may also use Google Analytics to collect data like your operating system, Ip address, and browser type. We do this to improve our site operation for users, but it doesn’t reveal any personally identifiable information. Check out how Google Analytics works here

We may request your address, phone number, name, etc., on our website when necessary. But you can also decide to browse our website without revealing any personally identifiable information. If a third-party company purchases or merges with Iowa Cash Offer, we’ll hand over your data to the company. But Iowa Cash Offer will inform you of the transfer and changes. 

What will we do with your data?

We’ll use any data gathered from you in the following ways:

  • Carry out transactions – We’ll never share, disclose, or trade your information with any other company for any reason besides delivering the services you require from us. 
  • Send emails often –  We’ll communicate answers to your queries and any other information you need to be aware of via email. 

Does our company share any personal data with anyone?

Rest assured, we’d never trade or send your personal data to an external company. But this doesn’t apply to third-party companies that play a significant role in providing the services you demand. However, we wouldn’t share your information with a company that wouldn’t keep it private. 

Another reason we’d reveal your data is if it’s needed to comply with law enforcement or protect the lives and properties of others. Other information that doesn’t identify you personally may also be shared with companies for marketing purposes. 

Links to other websites

We often make external business products available on our website at our discretion. However, please note that these other sites have their own privacy policies. Hence, we won’t take responsibility for their actions or content. But to keep things authentic on the website, we wouldn’t mind getting feedback about those websites from you.


Any third-party vendors hired by us will only use data provided as required to provide us with the necessary services. We would love the external service providers to have their privacy policies, but we can’t guarantee it. However, we suggest you read their privacy policy to know how they will treat your information. 

Note that service providers may be or have companies located under different jurisdictions from yours. The laws of this jurisdiction would most likely apply to your information. Hence, our policy stops protecting your information immediately you get redirected to another website or app.


Iowa Cash Offer uses tracking cookies from external service providers to display ads to you across the internet. As a result, you may get ads on Facebook, Google AdSense Users, Google Content Network, and the internet as a whole. 

These targeted ads are specifically meant to persuade you to take any action on our website. In technical terms, they are intended to convert you (our lead). Convert in this sense means submitting a form or contacting us (these are our performance-based indicators). Your privacy is essential to us, thats why we dont gather personally identifiable info through google or any remarketing tech. 

Some third-party companies may help personalize ads that we believe will pique our user’s interest. They also use cookies and other techs to deliver the adverts to our users. For example, we can use Google’s target-oriented services to send ads if you visit other Google content Network Websites. 

Google Ads are used on this website.

Iowa Cash Offer employs the re-marketing feature on Google Ads to entice past visitors back to our website from third-party websites. We specifically aim for previous visitors who haven’t performed any action like submitting property info. The service providers use cookies to deliver accurate ads to the right people. Any information gathered during the course of this will be used in accordance with Iowa Cash Offer’s and Google’s privacy policy. 

The Online Privacy Protection Act is being followed.

Iowa Cash Offer takes precautions to ensure we follow the Online Privacy Protection Act. As a result, your information is safe and will not be shared with external parties without your permission. 

Information about yourself, your finances, and your real estate

As a cash buyer business, we may demand some data from you while trying to resolve your real estate problems. The info could include your contact details, financial data (in some instances), and property information to help evaluate your house accurately. Your information won’t be traded or revealed to any third party unless when it’s vital to render the desired services. 

Privacy Policy For Online

This privacy policy is strictly meant for information collected online. It doesn’t cover information obtained offline. 

New Privacy Policy

We’ll inform you of any modifications (if any) by posting on this page.

How to contact us?

You can contact us on our page if you have any questions about our policy.

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